Friday, January 6, 2012

Martyrs are NOT numbers

1400 were murdered, 344 being children, 1417 children murdered, 6,537 Palestinians shot. Numbers, statistics, human lives turned into digits. Martyrs downgraded into numbers.


We generally use this term to express those who die, or are murdered, in the name of liberation, for Palestine.
We wrong them as we brand them as statistics, thereby audaciously disregard the life they once had; the hopes, dreams, families, pasts and futures they were stripped of, in the name of liberation. 
They serve us to promise a future for Palestine, and we shamelessly call them numbers.

What is the point of stating our martyrs as number? To underline the atrocity of the Zionist entity, one which murders children and calls it in the name of defense?

Never forget that those children have names. Khetam Iyad Fayez ad-Dyah, Mohammad and AbedRabbo al-Astal, Farah Ammar al-Hilou.

All martyrs have a story to tell. It is up to us, their brethren, to insure their legacy burns as the brightest candle in the darkness of occupation. We must brand their names into our memories in our fight for justifying their blood that drenched their mothers' souls.

We are Palestine. We are in its olive trees, its music, its rocks, its sea, its martyrs, we are Palestine.
Our martyrs are the light of our eyes. The least we can do is remember their names. Jawaher Abu Rahmah, Mustafa Abdel Razzaq al-Tamimi, Qasem Tal’at Jameel Abed an-Nabi.

The least we can do is honor their names. Hasan Atta Hassan Azzam, Ahmad Osama Mohammad Qurtom. We must honor the lives of which no number can measure, the lives that pave the way to freedom, justice, humanity. Ala’a al-Barghouthi, Sujoud Hamdi Juma’a ad-Dardasawi. We must honor the lives that fearlessly threw stones at fully armed occupying puppets of Zionism. Ahmad Mousa, Ahmad al-Samouni, Mohammad Samir Hejji. We must honor those blown to smithereens in their beds. Adham Baroud, Musa Yousif Hasan Barbakh, Haneen Wa’el Dhaban.

The regard for human life is now disregarded, shunned by the organizations that are supposed to make human life their priority. Instead, human life has turned into data. Organizations like the UN, have become so accustomed to calling martyrs numbers that they have reached a point where Mustafa Tamimi was murdered right in front of their delegates and they did nothing. To them Mustafa and thousands like him are simply that: thousands. Numbers.

After the Gaza Massacre, Ban Ki Moon made a trip to Gaza. He looked at a few bombed buildings and held a press conference, expressing great dismay at the aftermath caused by the massacre. Words words words! Empty words. Did he compensate the schools destroyed? Mosques? Hospitals? Did he look a child in their eyes, and tell them how sorry he was for not regarding them?

Did he show off his 5,000 dollar Armani suit? Yes.

The following tweet by comrade and activist Abir Kopty explains what runs through the minds of every Palestinian when they hear the words “United Nations."

Honor the stories and dreams these lives had and were forced away.
“Israel" forced away their lives, dare you disregard their stories?
Give them their names. Nancy Said Mohammad Waked. Give them their dreams. Fathiyah Ayman Saleem ad-Dabari. Give them the earth they fought for. Mohammad Khader Abed Rajab. Give them pride. Issa Mohammad Eyadah Ermailat. Give them their dignity. Mustafa Nehad Taleb Abu Sido.
Give them Palestine.
Carry them on your shoulders, bathe in their blood. Their valuable blood spilled in the name of a free Palestine.
Spilled so nobody would remember them as numbers.
Never again. 

لكي لا ننسى 

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