Thursday, February 2, 2012

Some Leadership we Have: Khader Adnan's Struggle Falls Upon Deaf Ears

There is pride mingled with fear for Khader Adnan when his name is mentioned, pride for his mental endurance and resistance, kind of like bringing back the spirit of Palestinian resistance that has waned after the signing of the Oslo accords.
Fear not for his life, for which we have respect, but fear for what happens next. In a recent letter he wrote, he stated that “I will continue the hunger strike and will not give in, even if it means death.”
What is so chilling is that if Khader Adnan were to die, our lovely leadership won’t even spare him a thought! Just yesterday Abbasshole met with UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon and ensured that negotiations with the fascist apartheid “state of Isghael” are a must to continuing the path to the so called (delusional!)…peace process….
Digression alert: (Ban Ki Moon was showered with sarami from Palestinian families of prisoners in Gaza earlier today that condemned his bias to Palestinians and so that gave us a minute sense of satisfaction.)
Hmm. Doubt Khader wants peace with the pigs that used his beard as a shoe cleaner, ripped his beard, cursed his mother, chained him to a hospital cell with cockroaches for company, forced him to sit in extremely painful positions for hours at a time. Read Addameer’s report on his unjust detainment and the disgusting reality he faced at the hands of Israel Prison Service.  Zionism and peace are complete antonyms, and Khader Adnan is doing all that is in his power to resist such fascist crimes against humanity in the form of a hunger and speaking strike. Call him a terrorist for resisting these criminal actions and it makes you look dimwitted. Our pathetic leadership, delusional to a sickening extent, chooses to get distracted by their little fake statehood fantasy, of which concession is the main aspect. #Tfoo
In the same letter, Khader blamed the Palestinian leadership and stated, “To what level of severity must my case go to in order for you to actually address it??”
As with many Palestinians, (or should I say all), Khader has had his basic human rights denied. Previously, he has been imprisoned for a total of 8 years in administrative detention, an inhumane policy practiced by Israel that imprisons Palestinians for years, without ever giving them a charge.
Oh and of course he is the terrorist (I mean teghoghist) for resisting this branch of barbarism that Isghael has to offer. For more on Khader Adnan, read this.
For 47 days now, Khader Adnan has been on a hunger strike protesting Israeli cruelty and unjustness. We’re sick of counting and counting and counting without seeing justice brought to Khader and to all Palestinian prisoners that are also in his shoes.
What we do know for sure is that Khader Adnan has raised our heads, raised them with the dignity of Palestinian resistance we were born to defend.

One of Sheikh Khader's 2 daughters. His wife is pregnant with their 3rd child.

Note: Despite Khader Adnan being fully aware of the necessary vitamins hunger strikers are allowed to obtain, he is resisting even this.

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